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YWOP16 Day 4 – The Sabbath

Do you ever feel like the Sabbath is fencing you in? Have you ever felt restricted by rules and regulations? And what do horses have to do with it anyway? Powerful thoughts from day 4. With many thanks to Sam, our guest contributor!

Sheffield District short devotionals inspired by the Youth Week of Prayer 2016 readings. Add your thoughts on the readings or these devotionals in the comments section; or link to your own devotional thought. #sheffYWOP on social media. Download the readings booklet to follow along.


Memories of Poppa

These are some thoughts I shared at one of the shiva nights for Gerald Bloom, my paternal grandfather, who passed away in late January 2016. This November he would have been 100.

My earliest memories of Poppa Bloom, or Poppa Boom, as I was best able to pronounce it back then, are of playing trains at his house with my brother, Ashley. We found endless delight in repeatedly closing and opening the sliding doors to his main sitting room. Or jumping from his stairs to try and touch the wind chime hanging in front of the room. Those early memories also include being bounced on his knee to the tune of, “If I had a donkey,” which I know many people in this room can sing off by heart. Continue reading

I’ve thought along the way, now from coding to crochet!

The blog has a new name! I thought long and hard about what I’m blogging on (again thanks to Blogging 101), and the answer seemed to be, ‘everything!’ – see my previous post for explanation. I decided a title that shows this as a varied spot about things linked to my interests was better than the completely non-communicative, ‘Thoughts along the way’.

Hope the new title communicates that; opinions welcome!

A lesson in trust

This morning’s impression was not to stop and do my hair before leaving the house. Looking in the mirror I realised not doing it at all wasn’t going to be a workable option, but I decided to listen this time and just did a quick tidy, rather than the usual undo, spray, comb through, plait, pin, etc. I figured now must be the moment to leave, and I didn’t have time for that.

Continue reading