This post was inspired by Mad2write’s post on the same topic this summer. As usual I admired the honesty in it, and hope the author doesn’t mind me penning the thoughts it prompted.

Tithing is the practice carried out in some churches of returning ten percent of your income in a form of systematic giving. The question is, where did it come from? Why do it? What does it mean, and is it obligatory?

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What Seventh-day Adventists believe

I recently came across a programme on YouTube I’d earmarked for future viewing. It was a Christian discussion show doing a feature on Seventh-day Adventists. An Adventist spokesperson and a cross-denominational representative were debating various doctrines, under the adjudication of the show’s host.

Although the programme was two hours long (and as a bit of a disclaimer, I was only able to see the first hour and a half), there were a fair few subjects down to be addressed. Possibly too many to do any of them justice; in any case there were several that left me feeling the need to research more. I think it’s crucial to know what you believe and why, and wanted to have a clearer view of how I would answer the questions raised. The programme set my brain ticking and sent me back to my Bible, and, perhaps as a means of ensuring I really do unpack the topics as thoroughly and clearly as I can, I opted to set out my answers on this public-facing page.

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Every little detail

Lots of posts pending, but a testimony in the meantime. It’s been a packed week and I’ve had a long list of people to contact, leading to repeated late nights the whole way through. Last night at 11pm I still hadn’t made much headway with the day’s names.

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John 1:11

He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

I’d always thought of this verse as meaning Jesus came to His own people, His ‘clan,’ as it were. Whether as a Jew, or as the only late-joining (i.e. having existed beforehand) member of the human family.

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Chin up!

So today’s is a quick devotional thought from my study this morning. This comes from the book “The Desire of Ages,” (a great book on the life of Jesus – recommend it!). Chapter 82 talks about Jesus appearing to two of His followers after He’d risen from the dead. They were really discouraged about His death, and were talking, distraught, about

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