Crochet Step by Step

So having listed crochet as one of my favourite hobbies, having even gone to the extent of naming my blog after it, I thought it was high time I actually wrote a crochet-related post. Today I’d like to tell you about possibly the most essential item on my craft shelf, the one thing I’d never wish to lose. It’s not my collection of hooks, projects-in-progress or gradually accumulated sackload of wools and yarns. It’s a book by Sally Harding called Crochet Step by Step. I bought it through the Book People, and the day it arrived I opened it immediately, becoming so engrossed I actually resented the train journey to my boyfriend’s ending so soon! (We’ve now been delightedly married two years and counting, so I assure you that’s a reflection on the book, not the relationship!)

What I love about this book is how comprehensive and easy to follow it is. Continue reading


Windows Speech Recognition

This is a quick review of Windows Speech Recognition, which I discovered thanks to this article. Just a few bullet-point thoughts.

  • Compared to the set-up and training for other voice recognition I’ve tried (although I’ve only really used two applications, and one of those a very long time ago), this is relatively quick and painless to get started. Also, it’s free, and it’s already installed in the majority of modern Windows machines. So that’s a good start.
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