A place for emotional healing

I’ve been meaning to post a link to a friend’s website for a while. Wounds to Scars was started by Joanna, who explains what she aims to do like this:

I started Wounds to Scars because I wanted to give the message that it is possible to heal from the pain of abuse. I wanted people to know that feelings of brokenness can be changed. I wanted them to know that they are not unfixable, They do not have to live in a frustrated and unhappy place, it saddens me when survivors are not able to have the lives and relationships they deserve.

A trained counsellor and regular speaker, Joanna says her own experience of emotional healing inspired her to want to help others find a way out of their pain. Continue reading


Crochet Step by Step

So having listed crochet as one of my favourite hobbies, having even gone to the extent of naming my blog after it, I thought it was high time I actually wrote a crochet-related post. Today I’d like to tell you about possibly the most essential item on my craft shelf, the one thing I’d never wish to lose. It’s not my collection of hooks, projects-in-progress or gradually accumulated sackload of wools and yarns. It’s a book by Sally Harding called Crochet Step by Step. I bought it through the Book People, and the day it arrived I opened it immediately, becoming so engrossed I actually resented the train journey to my boyfriend’s ending so soon! (We’ve now been delightedly married two years and counting, so I assure you that’s a reflection on the book, not the relationship!)

What I love about this book is how comprehensive and easy to follow it is. Continue reading

A Little Red Notebook

A Little Red Notebook

This talented, intelligent young lady may not know it, but she was my final inspiration to get blogging. I read her posts and thought,

“If my baby (sorry, Jody) sister’s best friend can write such well-crafted stuff, what’s stopping me?”

My eagerness to share this isn’t just because it’s a (very) cool blog. Alex is doing a sterling job fundraising for a mountain-climbing trip in aid of Parkinson’s UK. Her fitness-testing exploits and write-ups thereof are worth both a look and perhaps a small donation, if you’re feeling able.

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Arrrghhh! I didn’t mean to delete that!

This just saved my life…well not literally, but I had inadvertently deleted ALL of a friend’s wedding pics from my SD card without so much as opening one.

The photography tutor I learned from (or one of my tutors – let’s also give my brother his due!) said it’s usually a waste of time using the setting that saves a jpeg and a raw file for each shot. I delete all the jpegs when copying to my hard drive (saves having to see each picture twice in the photo viewer), and was starting to agree with him. But since not all the RAW files seem to have recovered successfully, I’m certainly glad there were jpegs this time!

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Fish Fish

For a vegan to be recommending a seafood restaurant you might be forgiven for thinking that more than the eatery’s name is a little fishy. I can’t tell you first-hand about the cod, haddock or plaice. I would never have contemplated going there if it hadn’t been booked for a family celebration. But I can say without reservation that I would gladly return, of my own free will (alright, I realise the first time was hardly under duress, but you get my point). I’m even keen on taking my equally-dairy-free boyfriend there someday.

So what impressed me so much about Fish Fish? Continue reading