Day two

Breakfast was kind of rushed today. Dinner didn’t happen as we came home tired and not hungry. It would have been a thick, hot date-and-carob drink, my favourite winter warmer.

AM. Fruit and cereal. Sabbath morning, so a quick, no-prep breakfast, unlike most other days. I’m not a big fan of Oatly, but we were shopping in Asda and don’t like their soya milk. I swapped it for a Provamel yoghurt with added carob powder anyway, in the end. To save on warming the milk 🙂
NOON. Fellowship lunch at church. Lots of options; won’t bore you with everything I ate, but my contribution was the coconut rice in the blue bowl, bottom RH corner, and a chick pea, potato and spinach curry, just out of shot in a black pot, bottom right. Apologies for the unbecoming clutter in the pic; it wasn’t really the moment to tell everyone to pause so I could dress the scene. A necessarily warts and all shot.


More than water and lettuce

I’m attempting to document my meals for a week. Not that I think anyone’s desperate to know what I had for breakfast. My motives are more to provide a snapshot example to answer the question, “What do you eat?”. Which question I’m regularly faced with, anytime anyone finds out I’m a vegan. I generally eat a range of things, and I enjoy experimenting, so the list is quite long. I am also a sufferer of that exasperating on-the-spot syndromewherein you immediately forget every example of a point you were emphatically affirming no sooner than requested to give one.

Both of which mean I generally struggle to satisfy my conversation partner’s curiosity and list what I eat. I’m sure the well-meaning questioner is not, in fact, a veganism-defying detective in disguise (“Aha! You can’t give ten amazing, taste-bud tantalising examples of vegan fare; you clearly eat nothing but dry leaves and aren’t enjoying this lifestyle at all!”). Nevertheless, the idea of recording a sample of what I do actually consume on a normal day came into my head, and I decided I’d like to do it.

So for the next week I’ll be posting a quick pic and description here. I can’t promise it will actually represent my typical menu – like I said, I experiment a lot. It may not be amazing or taste-bud tantalising; no photoshopped props here! And while I’m not planning to point anyone asking about veganism to my blog, I look forward to briefly documenting some of the possible answers.

Day 1


AM. Onion, tomato and pesto soup with cornbread muffins. Soup recipe courtesy of my colleague, Rosa, who teaches Spanish cookery. I used dairy-free pesto (from the free-from section at Morrisons!), and would have added soya cream but it was pretty rich already, in the end. Muffins courtesy of Kirly-Sue, whose recipe I found on YouTube.



NOON. Stuffed vine leaves (dolmades), coleslaw and Ryevita. We first discovered tinned dolmades while on honeymoon in Crete, and were very excited to discover they’re available here. I usually don’t rate the shop-bought vegan mayo, but trying to balance homemade with time-efficiency, so bought this time for the coleslaw, and was very impressed. Don’t know if it’s a different brand or just a new recipe, but tasted great. There’s some yakon from my mum’s allotment grated in there with the cabbage and carrot. Ryevita was my attempt at varying the grains, and not having wheat for every meal. Don’t be fooled by the quantity; I like small plates, but also like multiple helpings. It wasn’t just three forkfuls for lunch…

Why am I here?

So, for the third time I’m taking part in WordPress’ Blogging 101 course to try to learn a few things to help my blog. The first challenge for this week was to post a piece on why I’m doing this; my first ever post here did just that, but a lot’s changed since then and now seems a good time to take stock again. Originally I was more focused on blogging itself than being motivated by a specific purpose, and I’ve recently asked myself whether it’s worth putting up my own random thoughts online, rather than just keeping them in my head.

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Sole Street

I started this post ages ago. It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, and I decided a good way to reawaken Thoughts along the way would be to revisit those entries that never made it past “draft” status.

The story is short. On my way back up north after a few days at my parents’, I and my fellow would-be passengers were confronted with a crazily long delay (even for the notorious British rail network). After finally being rescued from a toe-numbing winter’s wait we were given the explanation, “We apologise for the late running of this service. This was due to some children at Sole Street.”

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Hello world!

So, my very first blog post. This content will probably change remarkably quickly, but in case it doesn’t, a brief explanation of what I hope this space will hold. The idea is to have an all-encompassing site where I’ll blog about any of my interests, thoughts, activities etc. Since a part of the reason it’s taken me so long to just do this is the mammoth mountain of different sites I’d have to create to explore everything I’d like to; professional blogs, personal-public pages, private family sites. So whether it’s elearning, languages, interpreting, writing, health, lifestyle, cooking or faith, it’s going here. I figured one full blog is better than seventeen half-empty ones.

This may not work. But I’m hoping tags and categories will make it viable, searchable and organisable. If, as I suspect, things need to be separated into separate media, so be it. In the meantime, though, here goes!