Say cheese and kiss the bride…

So this is a post on wedding photography…well not really a post, because it’s nearly tomorrow and I’m all bleary-eyed, but a link to two other posts I found extremely useful when faced with the mind-boggling problem of looking for a wedding photographer. I would encourage anyone who thinks that the industry is a rip-off (or is just curious as to what it should cost) to have a read.

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Arrrghhh! I didn’t mean to delete that!

This just saved my life…well not literally, but I had inadvertently deleted ALL of a friend’s wedding pics from my SD card without so much as opening one.

The photography tutor I learned from (or one of my tutors – let’s also give my brother his due!) said it’s usually a waste of time using the setting that saves a jpeg and a raw file for each shot. I delete all the jpegs when copying to my hard drive (saves having to see each picture twice in the photo viewer), and was starting to agree with him. But since not all the RAW files seem to have recovered successfully, I’m certainly glad there were jpegs this time!

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