A place for emotional healing

I’ve been meaning to post a link to a friend’s website for a while. Wounds to Scars was started by Joanna, who explains what she aims to do like this:

I started Wounds to Scars because I wanted to give the message that it is possible to heal from the pain of abuse. I wanted people to know that feelings of brokenness can be changed. I wanted them to know that they are not unfixable, They do not have to live in a frustrated and unhappy place, it saddens me when survivors are not able to have the lives and relationships they deserve.

A trained counsellor and regular speaker, Joanna says her own experience of emotional healing inspired her to want to help others find a way out of their pain. Continue reading


What have I done with my life?

Apologies for the somewhat melodramatic title, but while I’m not actually questioning the worth of my entire existence thus far, this article did motivate me to reach for something greater, something immeasurably more worthwhile than the daily routine. The compassion, fearlessness, determination, innovation and creativity of this young man are truly inspirational.

How one homeless child inspired this Bangladeshi to help hundreds – The Guardian

Happy reading!

Do something different…

This is my attempt to do something new-to-me for day four (yes, I’m mind-numbingly behind, but haven’t given up hope!) of Blogging 101. I’m embedding a tweet…see below.

The question I have is what embedding the tweet achieves. Is it just to add interest and variety to a post when claiming someone tweeted something, like using images rather than describing everything in text? Or easier and more authoritative than copying out the content as a quote? I found the above article interesting, but would normally have just linked straight to it, rather than ‘linking the link’, as it were. Please comment with your thoughts!

Right, on to day five!