This post was inspired by Mad2write’s post on the same topic this summer. As usual I admired the honesty in it, and hope the author doesn’t mind me penning the thoughts it prompted.

Tithing is the practice carried out in some churches of returning ten percent of your income in a form of systematic giving. The question is, where did it come from? Why do it? What does it mean, and is it obligatory?

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Someone gave me this Spanish promise box as a gift. At first glance I saw a flowery, saccharine affair, with ‘little lambs’ and love hearts plastered all over the cover. Not really me, but I appreciated the thought.

I had no idea how much those cheesy cartoons would help me. There is something so plaintive about the expression in the drawings that says it all. Images of helplessness and despair on some of the cards, albeit on hand-drawn baby sheep, really resonate, and the ecstatic jubilation depicted in others draws out an encouraged smile.

The one in the picture is Psalms 140:12, and reads, “I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and the right of the poor.”

Hoping it brightens your day. It did mine.

What Seventh-day Adventists believe

I recently came across a programme on YouTube I’d earmarked for future viewing. It was a Christian discussion show doing a feature on Seventh-day Adventists. An Adventist spokesperson and a cross-denominational representative were debating various doctrines, under the adjudication of the show’s host.

Although the programme was two hours long (and as a bit of a disclaimer, I was only able to see the first hour and a half), there were a fair few subjects down to be addressed. Possibly too many to do any of them justice; in any case there were several that left me feeling the need to research more. I think it’s crucial to know what you believe and why, and wanted to have a clearer view of how I would answer the questions raised. The programme set my brain ticking and sent me back to my Bible, and, perhaps as a means of ensuring I really do unpack the topics as thoroughly and clearly as I can, I opted to set out my answers on this public-facing page.

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This isn’t my testimony, but one my fiancé shared with me and said I could pass on.

He works for a large steel company, and colleagues will usually get together for a meal when someone leaves. There was one such leaving do yesterday, which he really wanted to support.

The problem, however, was that these meals tend to be expensive, and with the bills split equally can come to £40 a head. We’re on a tight budget and that’s not a figure he could afford to take lightly. When he heard the place colleagues had decided to go to, his fears seemed confirmed.
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I’m at the seaside on a week’s spiritual retreat…beautiful first morning.


My tale, though, isn’t from here, but is another answered prayer account (they’re coming so thick and fast these days I can’t help but note a few down).

My best friend’s birthday was earlier this month, and I really wanted to get her a ‘real’ gift. Something she’d like and find useful. Nice but not just an “I had to get you something, and this looked cute in the gift shop” type of token. Earlier in the year she surprised me with a new handbag in the post for my birthday. It was exactly the right size, and the same style as my then-current one, which I loved, and which she had no way of knowing was falling apart beyond repair. I wanted something just as fitting.

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