Why am I here?

So, for the third time I’m taking part in WordPress’ Blogging 101 course to try to learn a few things to help my blog. The first challenge for this week was to post a piece on why I’m doing this; my first ever post here did just that, but a lot’s changed since then and now seems a good time to take stock again. Originally I was more focused on blogging itself than being motivated by a specific purpose, and I’ve recently asked myself whether it’s worth putting up my own random thoughts online, rather than just keeping them in my head.

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Hello world!

So, my very first blog post. This content will probably change remarkably quickly, but in case it doesn’t, a brief explanation of what I hope this space will hold. The idea is to have an all-encompassing site where I’ll blog about any of my interests, thoughts, activities etc. Since a part of the reason it’s taken me so long to just do this is the mammoth mountain of different sites I’d have to create to explore everything I’d like to; professional blogs, personal-public pages, private family sites. So whether it’s elearning, languages, interpreting, writing, health, lifestyle, cooking or faith, it’s going here. I figured one full blog is better than seventeen half-empty ones.

This may not work. But I’m hoping tags and categories will make it viable, searchable and organisable. If, as I suspect, things need to be separated into separate media, so be it. In the meantime, though, here goes!