So, who am I? I’m a twenty thirty-something linguist-slash-interpreter-slash-elearning-technologist living and working in Leeds, UK. I have a huge list of interests (things I like or enjoy, not necessarily things I dedicate much time to. Sadly.), some of which I’m going to write below. Partly for the fun of it, and partly in case someone just feels the urge to get in touch and say, “I love that, too!”. Or blog about it themselves. I’m a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, and aim to make that more a statement of how I actually live every day.

This blog is a place where I’m posting my thoughts, or things that strike me as worth sharing. They might be to do with my areas of professional or general interest, things seen, heard…anything, really. I’ll categorize them in the hopes that someone interested in jellyfish but not basket-weaving can avoid getting bombarded with unwanted basket pattern posts (don’t panic, hypothetical topics which won’t be found among my interests list).

Feel free to get in touch with comments or thoughts!



Some of my interests. If only I did at least a few of them more often! (Slipped in a couple of ‘things I like’ for the sake of it. I wouldn’t call olives or sunshine a hobby!)

languages * Spanish * interpreting * creative writing * cooking (or learning/experiementing thereof!) * baking…breadmaking! mmm! * piano * guitar * hiking * photography * filming/film editing * family (discovering my history, as well as spending time with) * youth work * camping * rock-climbing * kayaking * cycling (never thought I’d have that one on the list, but we do change…) * gardening (dipping a reluctant toe in these waters) * reading * debating/public speaking * nature * Bible study * singing (either in a group or in private!) * sailing * elearning * modern technology * people * weddings and special occasions. Including preparing them! * dressmaking (no experience whatsover…would love to have a taster sometime, though) * sewing * knitting and crochet…especially the crochet * DIY/woodwork/building things/decorating * practical things like tinkering around the edges of mechanics (okay, okay, changing a tyre…but the interest is there!), how things work * watching or listening to good documentaries, testimonies, sermons * sharing my faith * performance poetry (both sides of the stage) * teaching (languages or other) * organising  (more than actually getting on with the thing I’m organising, at times!) * olives * meeting new people * testing/stretching my mind (eg conundrums…apart from infuriating ones I can’t get right!) * youth socials * analogies * memories * flying (would love to experience being in the pilot’s seat!) * travelling – visiting people abroad, warm places, old friends and family…getting in touch! * talking * walking * sunshine * fresh air * sleep


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