What Seventh-day Adventists believe

I recently came across a programme on YouTube I’d earmarked for future viewing. It was a Christian discussion show doing a feature on Seventh-day Adventists. An Adventist spokesperson and a cross-denominational representative were debating various doctrines, under the adjudication of the show’s host.

Although the programme was two hours long (and as a bit of a disclaimer, I was only able to see the first hour and a half), there were a fair few subjects down to be addressed. Possibly too many to do any of them justice; in any case there were several that left me feeling the need to research more. I think it’s crucial to know what you believe and why, and wanted to have a clearer view of how I would answer the questions raised. The programme set my brain ticking and sent me back to my Bible, and, perhaps as a means of ensuring I really do unpack the topics as thoroughly and clearly as I can, I opted to set out my answers on this public-facing page.

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