Do something different…

This is my attempt to do something new-to-me for day four (yes, I’m mind-numbingly behind, but haven’t given up hope!) of Blogging 101. I’m embedding a tweet…see below.

The question I have is what embedding the tweet achieves. Is it just to add interest and variety to a post when claiming someone tweeted something, like using images rather than describing everything in text? Or easier and more authoritative than copying out the content as a quote? I found the above article interesting, but would normally have just linked straight to it, rather than ‘linking the link’, as it were. Please comment with your thoughts!

Right, on to day five!


2 thoughts on “Do something different…

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m glad to see you are posting! As for embedding a tweet, I do agree that it is just to add variety to the things you link to. For articles, I personally think it’s easier to post the link. There is this great feature where you can create a link for a word or phrase instead of having the full link address. Makes your blog read easier. I have used pictures of tweets in my posts to show the opinion of other people and their thoughts.

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