Why am I here?

So, for the third time I’m taking part in WordPress’ Blogging 101 course to try to learn a few things to help my blog. The first challenge for this week was to post a piece on why I’m doing this; my first ever post here did just that, but a lot’s changed since then and now seems a good time to take stock again. Originally I was more focused on blogging itself than being motivated by a specific purpose, and I’ve recently asked myself whether it’s worth putting up my own random thoughts online, rather than just keeping them in my head.

I came to the conclusion, however, that while yes, this in a very eclectic collection of musings, I do tend to only put up posts that I think would be of interest to someone else. Sometimes thoughts, sometimes tips, sometimes recommendations or quick links. Occasionally related to my work, occasionally my hobbies, and at times my lifestyle choices or faith. I didn’t want to focus on one area, as I’m interested in a wide variety of areas. I realise that will limit my ‘following’, as there won’t be many people looking for a blog on so many unrelated things. But I wasn’t setting out to create a huge fan-base who look forward to me posting regularly on their favourite topic. I just enjoy being able to add my small two-cents worth to the cyberspace mix, and am pleased whenever a virtual passer-by enjoys reading it. It would be great to be able to share more methodically with people who are interested in specific posts, but (unless there’s a way to create sub-threads people can subscribe to, instead of them having to follow the whole blog) I assume I’ll have to rely on being ‘stumbled-across’ through intelligent tagging!

Yesterday I enjoyed reading the story of online passive-income blogger Pat Flynn. He doesn’t specifically say it, but what I noticed about his success is that he didn’t go looking to make his site what google wanted, or coax visitors to his pages. He just created a site that was exactly what HE wished existed. And funnily enough, that’s what everyone else studying in his niche area wished existed. So they found it, used it, linked to it…and it all happened organically. Google did what it was meant to, rather than being tricked into getting good stats for him. I don’t promise to write a certain number of posts per week/month/year, but I do take a lesson from that; I will post things I’d like to read. Things I think are worthwhile.

That’s me done until the next period of self-existential questioning comes around! 😉


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