Say cheese and kiss the bride…

So this is a post on wedding photography…well not really a post, because it’s nearly tomorrow and I’m all bleary-eyed, but a link to two other posts I found extremely useful when faced with the mind-boggling problem of looking for a wedding photographer. I would encourage anyone who thinks that the industry is a rip-off (or is just curious as to what it should cost) to have a read.

Sobering stuff; as sister to a (very good) wedding photographer, I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself for not having looked at it this way before.

I stand rebuked, and wholeheartedly pass these on to anyone interested. I’ll even throw in a wedding-photography-price-calculator for good measure.

And to think I didn’t plan to put wedding stuff up here. Oh well, a crochet post next, perhaps!

1. Louise Bjorling on what you get for your buck

2. Top UK photographer Julia Boggio guest posts on the reasons behind the rates

3. Promised price calculator (asks your priorities re photography, location, time of year and gives you a guide figure – no promises for level of accuracy, but could be helpful)


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