This isn’t my testimony, but one my fiancé shared with me and said I could pass on.

He works for a large steel company, and colleagues will usually get together for a meal when someone leaves. There was one such leaving do yesterday, which he really wanted to support.

The problem, however, was that these meals tend to be expensive, and with the bills split equally can come to £40 a head. We’re on a tight budget and that’s not a figure he could afford to take lightly. When he heard the place colleagues had decided to go to, his fears seemed confirmed.
Convinced, though, that it was right to support the leaving member of the group, he offered up a prayer; “God, I believe going is the right thing to do; please handle this one!”

If I’m honest, this was where I expected to hear that everyone suddenly agreed to only pay for their own meal, making his more reasonable.

What actually happened was that they were told upon arrival that the food would be brought out as it was cooked, rather than some dishes sitting for ages to be brought out with the ones prepared later. So when his was a little while in coming, he didn’t worry. To start with.

When others around him were starting to finish, it seemed time to enquire, however. Another wait, and eventually his salad appeared, with, “Apologies; we had to make the dressing from scratch.”

Annoying; until the bill came, that is, with an explanation that his dish would not be charged. Colleagues flatly refused his attempts to contribute to the total anyway; apparently it complicated matters.

So from the annoyance of waiting for food, to an answered prayer to support someone when it seemed unaffordable. God really is good!



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