This isn’t my testimony, but one my fiancé shared with me and said I could pass on.

He works for a large steel company, and colleagues will usually get together for a meal when someone leaves. There was one such leaving do yesterday, which he really wanted to support.

The problem, however, was that these meals tend to be expensive, and with the bills split equally can come to £40 a head. We’re on a tight budget and that’s not a figure he could afford to take lightly. When he heard the place colleagues had decided to go to, his fears seemed confirmed.
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A Little Red Notebook

A Little Red Notebook

This talented, intelligent young lady may not know it, but she was my final inspiration to get blogging. I read her posts and thought,

“If my baby (sorry, Jody) sister’s best friend can write such well-crafted stuff, what’s stopping me?”

My eagerness to share this isn’t just because it’s a (very) cool blog. Alex is doing a sterling job fundraising for a mountain-climbing trip in aid of Parkinson’s UK. Her fitness-testing exploits and write-ups thereof are worth both a look and perhaps a small donation, if you’re feeling able.

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