How to be a good translator

These tips from translation company Blue Cells were invaluable!



I’m at the seaside on a week’s spiritual retreat…beautiful first morning.


My tale, though, isn’t from here, but is another answered prayer account (they’re coming so thick and fast these days I can’t help but note a few down).

My best friend’s birthday was earlier this month, and I really wanted to get her a ‘real’ gift. Something she’d like and find useful. Nice but not just an “I had to get you something, and this looked cute in the gift shop” type of token. Earlier in the year she surprised me with a new handbag in the post for my birthday. It was exactly the right size, and the same style as my then-current one, which I loved, and which she had no way of knowing was falling apart beyond repair. I wanted something just as fitting.

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A lesson in trust

This morning’s impression was not to stop and do my hair before leaving the house. Looking in the mirror I realised not doing it at all wasn’t going to be a workable option, but I decided to listen this time and just did a quick tidy, rather than the usual undo, spray, comb through, plait, pin, etc. I figured now must be the moment to leave, and I didn’t have time for that.

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