Every little detail

Lots of posts pending, but a testimony in the meantime. It’s been a packed week and I’ve had a long list of people to contact, leading to repeated late nights the whole way through. Last night at 11pm I still hadn’t made much headway with the day’s names.

They say, if you choose to let Him, and really seek His way, the Holy Spirit will prompt you. I fully believe that, not least from countless instances experiencing it for myself. So when I felt that conviction to finish off my email list before going to bed, despite the hour, for once I listened. I emailed those I needed to, and deciding it was a bit late to disturb those I was going to text, nodded off just after midnight.

Now, I don’t set an alarm. I wake up when I wake up, and for the last week at least, I’ve had a consistent 6am start. Enough time to get ready for the day, be out of the house and little else. So when I woke up to the thought, “Finish the text list now,” I most certainly argued. That defies logic! I don’t have time. But it didn’t go away. “Use this hour to send the texts.” So there was my get out clause. Alright, Lord. It should be six. It’s always six. If ‘this hour’ exists, then it’ll be five. If it’s five, I’ll most certainly trust it’s You and finish the list.

I reached across for my iPod and there it was. 5:01 am. (There was the minute I’d spent protesting!)

In that moment I was awestruck. That God would come down and have conversations with my rebellious little consciousness. That He would stoop to make His voice known and His presence felt in the tiniest detail of my day. And let me know that it’s really Him. It was a completely breathtaking, humbling, but also reassuring moment.

Yes, it takes time to learn to recognise God’s voice. When I first started going out with my fiancĂ© somebody once pretended to be him on the phone. They couldn’t get away with that now, after two years of hearing each others’ voices, mannerisms, attitudes, turns of phrase, etc.

I’m slowly learning to distinguish God’s voice from my own thoughts, or other external influences. To know His voice we have to spend solid, real time hearing it and getting used to His ways. His voice is in nature; it’s in Scripture. His voice is in asking Him to speak to you, and then taking ‘quiet time’ so He can get a word in edgeways.

Although I’ve had such ‘wow!!!’ moments many, many a time, this one felt scary. The realness and the minuteness of it overwhelmed me. But it’s isn’t scary that there’s nowhere you can’t invite God in. It’s amazing! Whoever and wherever you are, wishing you a beautiful, peaceful day.

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.

Ps 32:8


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