Chin up!

So today’s is a quick devotional thought from my study this morning. This comes from the book “The Desire of Ages,” (a great book on the life of Jesus – recommend it!). Chapter 82 talks about Jesus appearing to two of His followers after He’d risen from the dead. They were really discouraged about His death, and were talking, distraught, about

what had taken place. Jesus, wanting to encourage them explained all the prophecies, from the beginning of the Old Testament to the end, pointing to the Messiah’s death. The quote I want to share is on page 796, and reads,

They had looked upon His death as the destruction of all their hopes. Now He showed from the prophets that this was the very strongest evidence for their faith.

And that’s it. That’s what I wanted to share. I just found it amazing to think that sometimes I’m so upset or discouraged about something that actually is really, no, really good news. Something that should make me ecstatic. If only we knew the full picture! (Or listened for it; Jesus had warned and reminded the disciples this was coming so many times!)

My challenge for today (and going forward) is to stop jumping to conclusions/judging by appearances. To not let myself get down, but trust that God’s leading. And be happy whatever I see; He knows what He’s doing.

Have a lovely day!


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