Fish Fish

For a vegan to be recommending a seafood restaurant you might be forgiven for thinking that more than the eatery’s name is a little fishy. I can’t tell you first-hand about the cod, haddock or plaice. I would never have contemplated going there if it hadn’t been booked for a family celebration. But I can say without reservation that I would gladly return, of my own free will (alright, I realise the first time was hardly under duress, but you get my point). I’m even keen on taking my equally-dairy-free boyfriend there someday.

So what impressed me so much about Fish Fish? Well, number one, of course, has to be the people. Upon my cousin’s request for veggie/vegan options to cater for my brother and me, the owner took us towards the kitchen area. He talked us through the few non-dairy mains, one of which the chef happened to be preparing, and tilted her pan to let us see.

My brother had a halloumi starter, and I enjoyed some beautiful humous. While relatives around us made appreciative noises about their fish-based orders, I savoured every forkful of my tomato-and-vegetable-and-potato dish. (Sorry; name escapes me!) Warming, not too heavy, and artfully prepared to let the fresh, natural flavours speak for themselves, the word that comes to mind with this one is satisfying.

It wasn’t just the attentive service of a small establishment catering for a party of nigh-twenty. The atmosphere was bright but tasteful, the decor individual without being odd. A pleasant place to dine, and (as I replied to a fellow-herbivore’s enquiry) not at all victim to that seafood scent which leads many a veggie to steer well clear of fish restaurants.

Thankful for the friendliness and attention of the ownership in trying to cater for us, I went to convey this to the Georgian-born owner. He was disappointed to hear that I had been given the potato dish that tickled my brother’s fancy, rather than the garlicky green beans that I really wanted (they’d awakened fond memories of a cheerful Andalusian village where I visited a friend several years ago). Despite the fact that I’d relished every mouthful of the other dish, he promptly produced a generous portion of the beans wrapped up to take away. They lasted two meals…and boy, did I enjoy!


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