New PowerPoint trick

Okay, so this isn’t strictly speaking new; but it’s new to me, as I’d never come across it before (just stumbled across among the offerings in an old Hands On The Future programme). So, let me put you out of your nail-biting suspense:

It turns out you can annotate and highlight PowerPoint slides whilst in a presentation. Right-clicking on the slide will bring up a menu that includes the option, “Pointer Options”, which allows you to stick with the arrow, or use a pen, highlighter, or an eraser to delete what you’ve annotated (one pen-stroke at a time). You can also avoid distracting menus popping up on the screen while you present by using some shortcut keys:

Ctrl+P – Show the pen
Ctrl+A – Show the pointer arrow
Ctrl+E – Show the eraser (click on a pen stroke/highlight with the eraser to delete it)
Ctrl+M – Switch between having your annotations (or the ‘Markup’, hence the ‘M’) hidden and visible
‘E’ – Erase all annotations on the slide

Anyway, I thought this could be useful! For more keyboard shortcuts you can use from within a ppt presentation, right click within your presentation and click ‘Help’. (This works within the 2010 version, anyway…)


4 thoughts on “New PowerPoint trick

  1. Craig Hadden – Remote Possibilities says:

    Thanks Tamara. Handy features. You might also like the tip Ken Molay recently shared:

    Using only native PowerPoint, you can set up a slide so you can type on it during your slideshow. A big plus is it’s far neater than using the pen tool to write on your slide. On the other hand, you have to set up the slide beforehand. Still, it gives you another option so you have more flexibility.

    On my blog, there’s a link to the webinar recording where Ken demos the technique, as well as a bit more explanation:

    P.S. I’m also an elearning developer, and I happened to graduate from Leeds Uni – almost 30 years ago!

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