Room At The Cross

My brother recently got me the album Ten Thousand Angels, by Billy Gaines, and I’ve really been enjoying it. This morning was touched by the song, There’s Room At The Cross For You. The sound is beautiful and the lyrics really made me stop and think. Was going to try and link to a sample, but I couldn’t find one that would work on my phone, so if you have iTunes, try having a look there. And if not, google? 🙂


New PowerPoint trick

Okay, so this isn’t strictly speaking new; but it’s new to me, as I’d never come across it before (just stumbled across among the offerings in an old Hands On The Future programme). So, let me put you out of your nail-biting suspense:

It turns out you can annotate and highlight PowerPoint slides whilst in a presentation. Right-clicking on the slide will bring up a menu that includes the option, “Pointer Options”, which allows you to stick with the arrow, or use a pen, highlighter, or an eraser to delete what you’ve annotated (one pen-stroke at a time). Continue reading

6 Jan 2013 – thoughts on John 3:8

Okay, so the promised study breakdown is below. First, though, a couple of disclaimers. One, if you want to have a proper look through this in depth, it will take a little while – it’s a lexical, more than devotional study (don’t worry, not in a hard-to-understand theoretical sense!). If that isn’t much use right now, feel free to jump to the bottom, where I’ve got a brief “thought-for-the-day”, instead!

Two, this isn’t something I’ve spent months looking at. It’s one short study, not fully explored, and so not a ‘finished meal’ to take away as complete. Just sharing some thoughts inferred as I looked into a verse.

The study:

So I’m going through John at the moment, and was looking at chapter 3 and verse 8. It says, “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” (KJV) Continue reading