Finding mentors – Simple Mom

I started following Tsh Oxenreider’s “Simple Mom” blog a couple of months ago when our work ‘Transport Systems Hub (TSH)’ website erroneously linked to her Twitter feed instead of our own. Despite being neither a mum nor married I’ve found a lot of interesting, relevant and thought-provoking stuff on there (thanks, Tsh and co!), and wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the first entry I reblog from her.

This was a guest article which I felt the need to link to not so much because of the whole (though that was interesting), as a nugget somewhere in the middle that really hit home. Hope it’s of use to someone!


Hello world!

So, my very first blog post. This content will probably change remarkably quickly, but in case it doesn’t, a brief explanation of what I hope this space will hold. The idea is to have an all-encompassing site where I’ll blog about any of my interests, thoughts, activities etc. Since a part of the reason it’s taken me so long to just do this is the mammoth mountain of different sites I’d have to create to explore everything I’d like to; professional blogs, personal-public pages, private family sites. So whether it’s elearning, languages, interpreting, writing, health, lifestyle, cooking or faith, it’s going here. I figured one full blog is better than seventeen half-empty ones.

This may not work. But I’m hoping tags and categories will make it viable, searchable and organisable. If, as I suspect, things need to be separated into separate media, so be it. In the meantime, though, here goes!