A place for emotional healing

I’ve been meaning to post a link to a friend’s website for a while. Wounds to Scars was started by Joanna, who explains what she aims to do like this:

I started Wounds to Scars because I wanted to give the message that it is possible to heal from the pain of abuse. I wanted people to know that feelings of brokenness can be changed. I wanted them to know that they are not unfixable, They do not have to live in a frustrated and unhappy place, it saddens me when survivors are not able to have the lives and relationships they deserve.

A trained counsellor and regular speaker, Joanna says her own experience of emotional healing inspired her to want to help others find a way out of their pain. Continue reading


Crochet Step by Step

So having listed crochet as one of my favourite hobbies, having even gone to the extent of naming my blog after it, I thought it was high time I actually wrote a crochet-related post. Today I’d like to tell you about possibly the most essential item on my craft shelf, the one thing I’d never wish to lose. It’s not my collection of hooks, projects-in-progress or gradually accumulated sackload of wools and yarns. It’s a book by Sally Harding called Crochet Step by Step. I bought it through the Book People, and the day it arrived I opened it immediately, becoming so engrossed I actually resented the train journey to my boyfriend’s ending so soon! (We’ve now been delightedly married two years and counting, so I assure you that’s a reflection on the book, not the relationship!)

What I love about this book is how comprehensive and easy to follow it is. Continue reading


This post was inspired by Mad2write’s post on the same topic this summer. As usual I admired the honesty in it, and hope the author doesn’t mind me penning the thoughts it prompted.

Tithing is the practice carried out in some churches of returning ten percent of your income in a form of systematic giving. The question is, where did it come from? Why do it? What does it mean, and is it obligatory?

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Someone gave me this Spanish promise box as a gift. At first glance I saw a flowery, saccharine affair, with ‘little lambs’ and love hearts plastered all over the cover. Not really me, but I appreciated the thought.

I had no idea how much those cheesy cartoons would help me. There is something so plaintive about the expression in the drawings that says it all. Images of helplessness and despair on some of the cards, albeit on hand-drawn baby sheep, really resonate, and the ecstatic jubilation depicted in others draws out an encouraged smile.

The one in the picture is Psalms 140:12, and reads, “I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and the right of the poor.”

Hoping it brightens your day. It did mine.

YWOP16 Day 4 – The Sabbath

Do you ever feel like the Sabbath is fencing you in? Have you ever felt restricted by rules and regulations? And what do horses have to do with it anyway? Powerful thoughts from day 4. With many thanks to Sam, our guest contributor!

Sheffield District short devotionals inspired by the Youth Week of Prayer 2016 readings. Add your thoughts on the readings or these devotionals in the comments section; or link to your own devotional thought. #sheffYWOP on social media. Download the readings booklet to follow along.